Wexford In Bloom is a voluntary organisation with the aim of working with businesses and the community to make Wexford Town a more attractive place to live and to visit. We organize colourful floral displays for local areas and retailers’ premises in the town for our residents and tourists alike to enjoy. Some years we also host an annual garden/grounds competition in Wexford Town.




Summertime Wexford in Bloom 2017
It is Summer time and that means Wexford in Bloom was back to flower up our streets. All the baskets have arrived for the town, and they are looking fantastic. We received our large flower delivery at the start of the Summer which included all the boxes and baskets for local businesses and residents. The Wexford in Bloom volunteers had a busy few days getting the baskets up and boxes delivered. Thank you to everyone who helped out in these projects.

Wexford in Bloom 2017
Wexford in Bloom is looking forward to another great year flowering up the town in our Summer months, when we will see a return to streets full of the wonderful flower baskets and boxes as local residents and businesses take part in Wexford in Bloom. The Wexford in Bloom committee are currently arranging all the details for Wexford in Bloom 2017. It is great to see so many getting involved so everyone can enjoy seeing lots of flowers on the town and to see businesses getting involved either through donations which are always welcome or taking part in the flower basket/box scheme with Wexford in Bloom. Thanks to the residents also who have chosen to get involved in this scheme we really appreciated everyone taking part so the local community and visitors can enjoy the colourful displays around the town. We will be looking for volunteers to help deliver the baskets to the retailers and residents in the coming weeks so get in touch if you can lend a hand. We look forward to the retailers, residents and the community taking part in this wonderful project that gets the town looking at its best. Enhancing the hard work Wexford Tidy Towns group and Council are doing to keep Wexford clean and beautiful. So look out for all the baskets and boxes coming to the streets of Wexford soon!

Pledge Your Support to Let’s Bee Friendly Campaign
Pledge your support to Wexford Tidy Towns ‘Let’s Bee Friendly Campaign’ by planting some of the pollinator friendly flowers they recommend in your garden or following some gardening tips to help our bees. Email your pledge to bees@wexfordtidytowns.com or fill out the form here to let everyone know how you are helping our bees

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Getting very close for putting up our summer Baskets, yippee

1 week ago

Hope you all like the winter flowering, Thank you Wexford County Council.

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The Red Kettle

Thank you, it’s our pleasure.

5 months ago

Wexford in Bloom

We are coming to the end of our beautiful flowers now Folks, as another Summer is coming to an end but we had one of the best years ever the..

5 months ago

Wexford Tidy Towns

7 months ago